Our Parent Testimonials

Our kids are happy at school and we know they are surrounded by love, friendship, and respect everyday. Thank you Cornus Montessori!” – Yolanda

“We had tried other more typical daycare centers in the area, but our toddler son was struggling there. Switching to the Montessori style has been a huge positive change for him. The environment is soothing and conducive to focused, hands-on education. We love how Cornus provides an authentic Montessori experience in a smaller, more personalized setting and we’ve seen our son thrive in short period of time — it’s a great value!” – Liz

So far we are very pleased with Cornus Montessori. After touring other Montessori schools, we found Cornus to be very authentic in its Montessori approach. The staff is kind and caring and our child is thriving. After 2 weeks, my 2.5 year old zipped his own fleece jacket!!! Didn’t know he could do it. The director is amazing and very positive and upbeat! The owner is involved and invested in the school. He is very kind.” – Jessica

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